• This is Eva Future Speaking

  • This is Eva Future Speaking

  • This is Eva Future Speaking

This is Eva Future Speaking

  • Production Company: Dedalus VII
  • Main Production Credits (writer, director, producer): Francis J. Kuzler

“When you're me, the kind of day you're going to get is not up to you.”

The city. Eva, an up and coming artist, darling of the art world is brutally attacked. Her attacker is completely dressed in white including a white mask. She is left for dead.

She survives, but her life goes on a downward descent into pain, loneliness and suffering. Her art, which was seeing beauty in all things, has abandoned her. Her power is gone.

10 years pass — This is where we meet her.

Eva is at the lowest point in her life. There is nothing left of her. She has alienated everybody. The art world has forgotten her. Nobody knows her.

Her body has diminished through anxiety and self-abuse — drugs, alcohol, emotional torture.

How can she survive? Where is the place for fragility in our world?

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