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  • The Current

The Current

  • Production Company: Dedalus VII
  • Main Production Credits (writer, director, producer): Director: Francis J. Kuzler; Producers: Francis J. Kuzler, Jennifer Larkin

Will Morrison wants to escape his past and rebuild his life, so he travels to Florida to rebuild his father’s house after a devastating hurricane.

Will cycles each afternoon down a deserted stretch of a tree lined road, he is captivated by the way the late afternoon light breaks through the clouds, illuminating a deep patch of trees at one particular spot.  Day after day, the place speaks to him more richly, inviting him in, overpowering him in its draw. He increasingly associates the feeling with pain and guilt, and is afraid to confront the darkness within. Finally, on the anniversary of the accident he confronts his fear and enters the woods.

The facts behind Will’s past surface. Is it more than coincidence that Will’s path brought him here? 

Can strangers, brought together by random acts, be connected? 

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